Επιτρέπει να ελέγχετε συσκευές με τη χρήση ενός κουμπιού/διακόπτη χωρίς να τις συνδέσετε με καλώδια

Supply voltage:
230V AC

Energy consumption:
< 1W Inputs number: 2 Inputs type: designed to connect a wind and rain sensor Dimensions: 50 x 92 x 28 mm Housing: plastic, covered with a polyurethane composition not containing halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130°C) Protection: IP54 Mounting method: two oval mounting holes with dimensions of 18 mm x 3,5 mm (width x height) or self-adhesive element (tape) Controller operating temperature: from -20°C to 50°C Communication standard: μWiFi, compatible with WiFi, 802.11g Transmission type: bi-directional, encrypted Mode: direct connection (as Access Point), Wi-Fi connection via a stan- dard router, connection with access from any location in the world (requires only access to the Internet) Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz API: open Compatible devices and systems: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mobile devices supporting HTML5 Encryption: WPA2-PSK and authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD)




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